CDP-C™ Online PfCO Course – Options and Fees

All prices include VAT

Pricing Notes:

All prices include VAT

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to any fees payable to The UAV Academy,  you will be required to pay a fee, which is currently £253, to the CAA for the issue of your initial PfCO on completion of the course. The annual renewal fee is currently £190. CAA fees are not subject to VAT.

Printed Course Handbook

  • High quality printed and bound course handbook is available only to enrolled students (£25 including postage to UK address)

Re-sits and Re-tests

  • Theory Examination re-sit: £60
  • Flight Operations Assessment re-test: £240

*PPL holders

If you already hold a UK Pilots Licence (PPL, CPL, ATPL etc) or a valid theory certificate from another CAA Approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) within the UK will need to enrol for Stage 2.

Exemption from completing Stage 1 is available to Military and Civilian Aircrew whose qualifications are listed in CAP722 as equivalent to the Sub 20kg Theory Course. You will be expected to deliver the same standard of planning, briefing and execution as those who attended the CDP-C™ Stage 1 Course.


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