GVC System Requirements and Technology Overview

System Requirements

You must use a laptop with integrated webcam or a desktop computer with a separate webcam to take your examination. The requirements are simple.

  • You must have an Internet connection with an upload / download speed of at least 2Mbps
  • You will use a web browser to take your exam
  • Supported browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  • There is no special software to download or install
  • You must have a webcam and microphone. This will be tested and you may need to grant access permission

The Technology

The Comprobo system uses multiple technologies to verify your identity and to monitor your actions as you take the exam. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to match your face against you initially registered picture and your photo ID. Every mouse action and keystroke you make will be monitored to ensure that you do make no attempt to access other browser windows or tabs or load other applications.

The system also monitors to ensure that your attention is on your exam at all times and will detect any other person entering the room or if you attempt to communicate with anyone during the exam. Everything you do is recorded and full information is available for review by The UAV Academy Head of Training or representatives from the UK CAA on request.