The importance of weather forecasts

If only every day we needed to fly was like this! 

Unfortunately, the UK ‘enjoys’ rapidly changing weather in all seasons and there are plenty of days when wind, rain or poor visibility can prevent us from flying. Incorrectly forecasting the weather if you are flying a manned aircraft can cost you your life, this is not the case flying an aircraft remotely. However, if you get it badly wrong you can easily end up wasting a lot of time, both yours and your clients. 

There are other reasons to develop your ability to forecast the weather. Some of these are: –

  • It is a legal requirement for Remote Pilots to obtain all necessary weather information in order to plan and conduct a flight safely.
  • Low-level weather prone to rapid changes. The wind has a major effect on conducting safe operations. Most aircraft are unsafe to fly in precipitation
  • You and your crew will be exposed to the weather
  • Pilot error combined with bad weather is the biggest cause of accidents
  • You have to take decisions about the weather so as to avoid disappointed clients and wasting your time