CDP-C™ Qualification and CAA PfCO Course Prices
All prices include VAT

Pay As You Go

Start your study now for minimal financial commitment and complete each stage of the course when you are ready
  • Access to the UAV Academy Online Learning System
  • Printed Course Handbook
  • Online access to past examination questions
  • Pay for each stage as you are ready. Ground School price is £720. Flight Operations Assessment price £240. Total cost of Pay As You Go course is £1,200
  • Ground School at any of our scheduled locations
  • Choice of location for your Assessment
  • See Pricing Notes below

Abbreviated Course

If you hold a UK PPL, CPL or ATPL you are exempt from attending the Ground School and taking the Theory Examination.
  • Access to the UAV Academy Online Learning System
  • Printed Course Handbook
  • Operations Manual review, feedback and approval (if required)
  • CDP-C™ Flight Operations Assessment (practical test)
  • Choice of location for your Assessment, with online booking
  • CDP-C™ Qualification ID Card
  • Recommendation to the CAA for issue of PfCO
  • See Pricing Notes Below

Pricing Notes:

All prices include VAT at 20%

Multi pilot discount – The Full Course fee for organisations booking more than one pilot for the Full Course will be reduced by £100 (for all pilots) to £1,020

The UAV Academy provide materials such as pens, paper etc but you are advised to have Sky Demon Light installed onto an internet ready device prior to attending the course, in order to complete the planning exercises (you do not need the subscription version).

Please note, accommodation and transport are not included.

In addition to any fees payable to The UAV Academy,  you will be required to pay a fee of £173 to the CAA for the issue of your initial PfCO on completion of the course. The annual renewal fee is £130.

  • Theory Examination first re-sit: £ FREE
  • Theory Examination second re-sit: £180 
  • Flight Operations Assessment re-test: £210

Pay As You Go

This option allows you to start studying without having to find the full price of the course straight away. You pay for each stage of the course when you are ready. The fees are:

  1. Stage One – Remote Learning – Fee £240. Course Handbook, Online Learning System and past examination questions.
  2. Stage Two – Ground School – Fee £720
  3. Stage Three – Flight Operations Assessment – Fee £240

Total course fee for PAYG option is £1,200

These fees must be paid in advance of each stage being taken. Other discounts are not available with the Pay As You Go course option.

Abbreviated Course

If you already hold a UK Pilots Licence (PPL, CPL, ATPL etc) or a valid theory certificate from another CAA Approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) within the UK then we can offer an Flight Operations Assessment to allow you to apply to the CAA for a PfCO.

Exemption from completing the Ground School theory component is available to Military and Civilian Aircrew whose qualifications are listed in CAP722 as equivalent to the Sub 20kg Theory Course. You will be expected to deliver the same standard of planning, briefing and execution as those who attended the CDP-C™ Theory Course.

Before attending your Flight Operations Assessment, you must have logged a minimum of 2 hours flight time on the category of UAV you are being assessed on, within the previous 3 months. You must also take out applicable public liability insurance.

Night Operations Assessment

We help you to expand your Operations manual procedures to include Night Operations. Once this has been completed we conduct a Night Operations Assessment with you which starts one hour before sunset and requires you to plan and fly a night time mission. On successful completion, we create a Flight Assessment Report which can then be used to support your application to the CAA for an amendment to your existing PfCO to include Night Operations.
Please note: It is not a prerequisite for pilots to undertake this training and assessment before applying to the CAA to have a PfCO amended to include night operations. 

Our fee for this service is £420

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