Flight Training

aerial shot at weddingThe amazingly advanced technology in todays drones makes it possible for anyone to fly them. They are easy to take off, will hold their position if you release the control sticks, they can be pushed about the sky and landed with no particular skill required from the new ‘pilot’. Many of the aircraft available today will even take off and land at the push of a button or a click on the screen,

So why, you might very reasonably ask, do I need to have any training in order to fly these great aircraft? The reality is that many pilots do just get on and fly their drones. However, it is also true to say that many of these ‘go-it-alone’ pilots have accidents which at best will badly damage their aircraft and at worst could very badly hurt somebody.

Why being trained by an experienced Flight Instructor is a great idea:


This should always be the number one priority. Even a small drone has sharp propellers spinning at over 2,000 rpm which are capable of inflicting deep lacerations.


If you are truly capable of flying your drone with confidence in any attitude, with precision and smoothly then you will be able to achieve very much better results from your camera. If you have good flying skills and fully understand the sophisticated capabilities of your flight control system then you will be able to create great images and video.


Unexpected things can happen and you are going to have to deal with them. Many people have lost their drones because they simply did not have the knowledge or skills to recover from simple malfunctions.  For example, you must know how to deal with a GPS failure, because sooner or later it will happen. Your precious UAV will be taken by the wind and many have crashed or been completely lost because of this.


If you really do not have the knowledge and skills to fly your aircraft then flights will often be very stressful, not just to you but to the people around you. Training will help you develop the skill and knowledge you need and as a result you will enjoy your flying and be thrilled with what you are able to achieve.

Flight Training Locations

We have Flight Instructors and Examiners in the following areas:

  • Oxfordshire
  • Cornwall
  • Cumbria
  • Leicestershire
  • Northern Ireland
  • West Sussex
  • Wiltshire


Prices include VAT

Time with Flight Instructor

  • Half day session (aprox 3 hours, max 3 students)
    One person £240 – additional students in same half day session £90 each.
  • Full day session (approx 6 hours,max 3 students)
    One person £420 – additional students in same full day session £120 each.

We are able to rent a Phantom 3 drone for you to train with at our Wiltshire and Oxfordshire locations. The rental fee for this is £120 for each half day session. Please note that we normally provide only one training aircraft per session. The use of our aircraft is at our risk, so in the unlikely event that you damage our drone we will cover the costs of repair or replacement.


Booking Training

Please complete the form below to book flight and operations training. You will be given the option of paying online when you book or for us to invoice you. Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking

For Beginners

Your Flight Instructor will initially make an assessment of your current skills and knowledge and will aim to build on those, developing those skills further and help you to correct any bad habits you may have developed.

At some of our training sites can rent a UAV Academy aircraft, so that you do not have to worry about damaging your own. This is charged at £120 for half a day.

Flight Assessment Preparation

You are on your way to completing your GVC / PfCO course, have completed the theory course,  passed the examination and your final step is the Flight Assessment. Consider spending half a day with one of our Instructors to prepare you for your flight examination. They will help you with both your flying and with the operational procedures against which you will be tested.

Post Qualification Advanced Training

You already have your Permission for Commercial Operations and your pilot qualification. Perhaps you are finding that your existing skills, whilst good enough to have passed the Flight Assessment, are not good enough to be able to consistently deliver the results you need in order to compete in the market. Our Flight Instructors can help you improve your skills and judgement through coaching and demonstration. This training will be very tailored to your needs and may well involve your camera operator as well.

Thanks for everything at the practical flight training session yesterday; you made my learning experience so relaxed and dare I say it simple! As we said yesterday there is a very close analogy with learning to drive a car. Having a professional instructor to set any prospective UAV pilot on the right track ought to be a must for anyone embarking on UAV training.

We will definitely be using The UAV Academy for all our UAV training needs and would not hesitate in recommending the academy to anyone.

Kind regards

Frazer, Skyhigh Ingenuity Limited