The UAV Academy


Drone with Aston Martin DB9The UAV Academy is a full CAA full National Qualified Entity (NQE) approved by the CAA to train and assess pilots of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) up to 20kg. We are here to help put you on your path to safe and rewarding commercial drone operations. The syllabus for this training is set by the CAA, and successful completion of our course culminates in our recommendation to the CAA for you to be issued with a Permission For Commercial Operations (PfCO).

UAV Academy Instructors and Examiners are all highly experienced commercial SUA operators and skilled remote pilots. Our background as professional SUA operators has enabled us to develop and deliver training tailored to new commercial UAV pilots. We will not overload you with material which, whilst interesting, is only relevant to manned aviation. You will learn from our experiences (good and bad) and graduate from the CDP-C™ course with the skills, knowledge and processes you need to confidently and safely operate a UAV commercially.

Many thanks to the team at The UAV Academy for a great course. Fantastic staff, world-class knowledge and a very friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend

Chris Emsley

Ericsson Telecom

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Andrew Bailey

Founder and Head of Training

I have been flying RC models and manned aircraft for many years and hold both aeroplane and helicopter private pilots licences.

I started building and flying multirotors back in 2006 and this interest ultimately led to him gaining a CAA Permission in early 2013 and went on to operate an aerial filming and survey business. I became involved in training new commercial UAV pilots and in late 2014 working as a ground school instructor and flight examiner for EuroUSC, the first National Qualified Entity appointed by the CAA.

I am proud to have personally trained over 800 UAV pilots gain their commercial pilot qualification.

Steve Elias

Chief Flight Examiner

I have been operating remotely piloted vehicles for the past 40 years. I hold a BNUC-S as well as BMFA A and B certificates for both fixed wing and helicopter as well as the ‘J’ certificate for Gas turbine powered jets.

Over the years I have been the UAV Pilot-in-Charge for numerous film and TV ventures including major feature films such as Empire of the Sun and Golden Eye the James Bond movie.

I am active in the UK ‘Jet Scene’ and always promote all aspects of safety and competency above all else. I am also a world class RC competitor having secured a World Championship as well as USA and UK Top Gun titles in the Jet class.