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We love it when our customers give us constructive critisism, otherwise how would we know how to improve what we do? We love it even more though when they say nice things about us, because it means that we have done a good job and we are always proud of that. Please also take a look at customer reviews on our Facebook page.

 The UAV Academy ground school experience from start to finish has been excellent. Andrew is a fantastic teacher and a fountain of knowledge. You can clearly feel his enthusiasm for everything aviation related! Marnie was also really helpful when I bombarded her with questions on the phone and throughout the booking process too, thank you! The online learning is very accessible and if you’re unsure or struggling to take some things in via the online portal, you recap everything on the two days at ground school so can ask questions and ensure you understand everything. I was a total novice without any understanding other than the basic drone safe guidance and scored 98% on the theory exam on the final day so I cannot recommend this course enough! Now it’s time to complete the ops manual and get my flying up to scratch for the flying assessment…

Sam Parrott

I’ve just completed the two-day CPP-C Ground School at Cotswold Airport with the two great trainers Andrew Bailey and Philip Tarry as part of the process to acquiring our PfCO and want to express my thanks to the whole UAV Academy team.

From the online LMS (Learning Management System), the Course Handbook provided prior to the two-day course, the excellent venue food and refreshments through to the all-important training & coaching itself everything was done in an extremely professional, and yet friendly manner.

The cost of the course itself is good value, and the additional materials provided, including the example Operational Procedural manual (for you to customise and personalise to your own specific business set-up) along with the soon to be taken Flight Operations Assessment mean the structured process represents exceptional value.

If you’re looking for a good, professional academy to help you achieve your Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) look no further!

Rob Thomas

What an amazing group of people. Having had experience flying model RC aircraft before, I still wanted to learn more about drones and how to work safely with them.
The people at UAV academy gave me so much support and advice, and that was before I even got on the course.
Throughout the ground school and the flying lessons, the staff have been extremely supportive and patient, all whilst ensuring that any queries, concerns or questions are explained fully and in depth in a simplified way.
I cannot recommend this company enough and would give more than 5 stars if I could. Granted I cannot compare to any other companies, but tbh, I count myself lucky that I was fortunate enough to find Andrew and the rest of the staff at The UAV Academy first time. Amazing teachers. Thanks 🙂

James Sopp

Buzzcut Media

Many thanks to the team at The UAV Academy for a great course. Fantastic staff, world-class knowledge and a very friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend

Chris Emsley


Faultless – from the moment one walks through the door at UAV Academy in the tower at the Cotswold Aerodrome the professionalism is obvious. Our ground school instructor was extremely knowledgable, had a ton of experience and was passionate about the subject, delivering all the salient information succinctly, patiently and with good humour.
My flight instructor and assessor was equally knowledgable, experienced and professional, managing to coax me from complete novice to passing the CDP-C over two days, in the setting of in the glorious Oxfordshire countryside.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has more than a fleeting interest in flying UAVs – I came away feeling completely confident to competently fly my company’s UAVs in a safe manner, following all CAA regulations and guidelines.

The UAV Academy

Jason Barnes

Buho Productions

Andrew Bailey has a very calm, clear and concise delivery of ground school course material, he is capable of delivering the required information in a way that is suitable for novices, while also being able to ramp up the complexity as far as anyone would feasibly want to take it. Andrew really does know his stuff and has huge experience in all things Multi Rotor and R/C, including the complex legal and regulation aspects of the UAV industry, as well as a good understanding of the possibilities and pitfalls of the commercial and business side of things.

Andrew adds to his technical ability by having a friendly and approachable personality, I found this to be very reassuring during ground school, and in the time between completing ground school and taking my flight assessment I was able to contact him on several occasions both by phone and email, each time I found someone happy to chat and assist with my queries.

I was lucky enough to have Andrew as the examiner for my flight exam, in addition to having a friendly and familiar face to calm my nerves, the process was a good experience from start to finish, all the requirements were clearly stated and the exam was carried out in an unhurried and relaxed manner.

Andrew has made my entry into the professional UAV industry an enjoyable experience and I feel lucky to have made a friend and associate who I hope to remain in touch with for many years to come.

David Herron

Sky View Cameras

A fantastic experience which encouraged us to ask questions and explore ideas. I think this really helped ground the theory part of the course in practical experience. Alan Hook

Lecturer in Interactive Media, Ulster University School of Media, Film and Journalism

I came to the UAV Academy having never flown a UAV of any kind so starting right from scratch. The ground school was really well structured and in my case was delivered by a very good instructor Philip Tarry. He made things easy to understand and shared his practical experiences, which I found very helpful. Thanks go to Steve Kasch for reviewing the Operations Manual.. Flight training was with Rob Coles whom I can’t speak highly enough off. Thanks Rob you put Mark and Myself at ease right from the start. I really liked the way Rob adapted the training as we improved to give us some experience of the type of work we will be undertaking. I would recommend the UAV Academy to anyone. Thanks Guys for all your help. Chris Lock

Western Power Distribution Helicopter Division

Just finished a course with Andrew in Belfast and if was brilliant. The depth of knowledge the instructors shares on the subject of the unmanned aviation industry was excellent. I learnt a lot. Course materials and location was first class. I would highly recommend The UAV Academy for anyone wishing to pursue a qualification leading to CAA approval to operate in the UK. Alan Leckey

Pathway Adventure Activities

Great relevent content. I learnt loads that will improve not only the way we operate but will help us to do a better job. Neil Ginger

Ginger Video

I’m able to compare your service with one of your competitors and your service was far superior. Your course handbook was great and I was not overloaded with useless PDF’s to print out myself. Your competitors notes were not as detailed as yours; yours were more to the point. Having the option to take my practical examination at multiple destinations including one just 7 miles away from me was a huge benefit. You have surpassed my expectations of what I expected. Thank you. Jon Nash

Jon Nash Photography

Started as a hobby, left me feeling like a pilot. Truly great. Kit Bennett

Cotswold Imagery

I highly recommend Andrew Bailey and The UAV Academy for their excellence in professional standards and quality of training, and for their fantastic support throughout the entire process of gaining CAA Approval and PfCO. I did advanced flight skills training and my flight operations assessment with Andrew – I learned a lot and enjoyed every moment. Andrew is a true gent – friendly, supportive, empathetic, a great teacher and communicator, highly skilled, knowledgeable and honest. Do not hesitate to train and qualify with The UAV Academy. Jason Flock

3Drone Aerial Imaging

Successful Flight Operations Assessment with our Flight Examiner Rob Coles

Brilliant knowledge base and support even after the course is done. Lovely People

Seb Pecchia

Fantastic course delivered in an engaging and practical manner based on leading industry experience, so glad I didn’t opt for an online course with another provider.

Rob Dennis

Today I successfully completed the flight test final stage of my UAV Commercial Operations course with The UAV Academy.
I would like to say thank you to all of the team at The UAV Academy, for their absolute professionalism and assistance throughout the overall course. Great advice and service throughout the whole process, which has been extremely helpful.
For anyone who is interested in becoming a UAV Commercial Operations Pilot, I would strongly advise contacting The UAV Academy.

Duncan Spiers

Danosa UK Ltd

Outstanding course. Knowledge, skills, friendliness from an excellent team in a great location. All requirements catered for. Thank you. Awesome!! Will Carpenter

University of Gloucestershire

The professionalism, engagement, knowledge and personality of the instructor Andrew was second to none. I recommend UAV Academy to anyone who wants a thorough and extensive training in UAV Operations Ed Robinson

OneRedEye Visual Communications

The best course I have ever been on Trevor Fields

TGF Photography

Many thanks to Andrew and Steve for assisting me in getting a variation to my PfCO. I contacted a number of NQEs, but UAV Academy were the only ones that followed up my enquiry and offered to organise the additional rating as well as guidance on the modifications required to my Ops Manual. I already have a PPL and PfCO and was very impressed with the professional way they helped me. If you are looking for a quality training organisation, then these are your people. Tony Clark

Excellent.. a totally enjoyable course, which was very interesting and informative. The staff were more than helpful, and keen to assist at all stages…. I highly recommend UAV Academy, and to be totally honest, I can not think of anything you should change!… Probably the best training course I have attended in my 31 year career…. Thank you Mark Dobson

Alpine Surveys

I would highly recommend the UAV Academy Tobi Corni

Tobi Corney Photography

I did my CDP-R™ (recreational) and returned to do my CDP-C™ with the UAV Academy. Andrew is a fantastic instructor and makes learning really fun. Even the dry stuff becomes interesting. I was confident after the course to do the exam with ease. Axel Seeding

Many thanks to all at the UAV Academy. Wonderful people full of knowledge, made the course fun as well as intuitive. Really experienced NQE instructors and willing provide help and advice. They taught everything required and having a local instructor there to helped a lot. With a good understanding of our needs and abilities they were able to teach us all at a pace which kept the class moving as one. Very professional instructors and made the course fun. Highly recommend the UAV Academy. Richard Gilmore

Emerald SKY Media

OMG what an amazing experience with this school and BIG thank you to Andrew Bailey. Two days went so fast that it was sad to say goodbye. I have been taught exceptionally AMAZING and IMPORTANT information which makes me thirsty for more. Amelia Clifford

I can not highly praise enough Gerald the course instructor. His ease of delivery and bringing everyone else on the course along at a speed to ensure we all understood the modules. His own knowledge and how he has put it into practice within his own business was second to none… a big thank you to all the team and especially Gerald. Darren Sheaffer

Very happy with Andrew and the team at UAV Academy, went above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend to anybody! Thank you Pete Verity

The UAV Academy left me with the best impression possible. The course was thorough, very well structured with excellent trainers. Very happy to have worked with Mr.Andrew Bailey and his team. Leonidas Efstathiou

Great course and a very passionate, engaging and experienced instructor. Class size was ideal. An intense but very enjoyable 2 days. Neil Ashley

GL7 Productions Limited

Brilliant course with great training and support throughout! Highly recommended! Lunch was awesome too! Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins Media

First rate groundschool course and as an ATPL(H) holder, I have something to compare it to! (I could have got a CAA exemption, but it was quicker and simpler just to do the course). Great online and offline study materials, and a very experienced instructor. 100% recommended. Denis Thornton

Really good course with lots of support and great tuition. If you are planning on train and quality with your drone for your PfCO and CAA approval, look no further. David Cavan

A great course, very informative and extremely well presented. Ryan Cunningham

Used UAV Academy for Pfco training and it was the least stressful training experience ever. All of the guys are incredibly helpful, and still continue to help me out! Real industry leaders with quality, personal training! James Hutcheon

White Giant

If you are looking at getting into the drone industry on a commercial basis, I would highly recommend these guys….Friendly, informative and really helpful, from start to finish of the course!!! Mark Green

Green Energy Consultants