A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

January Special Offer

We are celebrating the start of 2022 with a very special price reduction on our industry-leading A2 CofC course. This amazing offer will end at midnight on 31st January.

The A2 CofC qualification allows you to fly your drone in the A2 Open Sub-Category. You will be able to fly in built-up areas and closer to people. If you fly a drone weighing 500g or less the A2 CofC will allow you to fly it in the A1 Open Sub-Category with the only separation required being not intentionally flying overhead uninvolved people. Whether you fly for fun or professionally the A2 CofC is the ‘must-have’ qualification for anyone with a drone.

£45.00 (incl. VAT)

CAA Approved A2 Certificate of Competency course

  • CAA Approved Course
  • Complete the course online and at a pace to suit you.
  • Online Learning covering complete syllabus
  • Quizzes for each module
  • Remotely invigilated online theory examination which you can take at home at any time, day or night; with our course you do not need to book an appointment to take your exam
  • NO requirement for an operations manual
  • NO requirement to take a flight assessment
  • NO requirement to apply to the CAA
  • We issue of your A2 Certificate of Competency which is valid for 5 years

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