GVC Transition Course with A2 CofC Combined

If you have already completed a PfCO course and have been issued with an NQE Certificate of Recommendation you can ‘upgrade’ to the GVC qualification by completing this course. This combined course option includes the A2 Certificate of Competency qualification.

£384.00 (incl. VAT)

CAA approved online GVC transition course

Transitioning to a GVC will allow you to take advantage of the additional 'bolt-on' qualifications which the CAA will start introducing in 2021. You will also hold a Remote Pilot qualification recognised as proof of pilot competency throughout the EU and in many other countries.

Provided you fulfil all the following criteria you will not need to take a flight assessment.

  • A Certificate of Recommendation issued by an NQE
  • Pilot log showing a minimum of 2 hours logged flight time in the previous 3 months
  • You must either hold a current Operational Authorisation (PfCO) or be a named Remote Pilot in the Operations Manual of a current OA holder

If you are unable to provide evidence that of all the above prerequisites you will have to take the full GVC course. This is a CAA requirement.

This transition course includes: -

  • Online Learning covering complete syllabus for both the GCV and the A2 CofC qualifications
  • Complete the course online and at a pace to suit you.
  • Quizzes for each lesson
  • Single combined online theory exam covering both qualifications
  • Take the exam at home at a time to suit you

Pricing Notes:

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